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So people were asking if they could donate… no seriously, some people actually did ask this – it isn’t influencer-speak for “I wanted to do spon-con”…

Anyway – Bachelor Archive is still free, and always will be – this is just internet panhandling for some pocket change to help with the costs of keeping it going.

I don’t like ad-laden sites, and I’m 80/40 certain nobody else likes the slimy hell of pop-ups and video ads that spawn more ads when you close them… or the computer frying hell of the adverts on RS’s website (Is anyone even able to read it? It drains my phone, and the computer’s fans go so hard it sounds like it’ll take flight).

So, if you feel like giving a little, toss some coins in the pot. Anything given is very much appreciated (or if you don’t feel like flicking a coin over, just treat this like that Wikipedia donation request that comes up and quickly click away before you make eye contact 😉 ). And again, the Archive is still free to use, still pop-up and spam free.

Now, for some internet panhandling…

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