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Bachelor Australia – Love In Lockdown
Is this an excuse for someone to break out the shirtless selfies? Following news that Bachelor Australia Season 8 had suspended production, Channel 10's head of entertainment has quipped that "Love in Lockdown" will continue with virtual dates after cast and crew left the mansion for their 2 weeks of self-isolation. Read More...
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Bachelor Australia 2020 suspended – the tribe has spoken
Locky Gilbert's season of Bachelor Australia didn't find an immunity idol  with the tribal council deciding to suspend production due to the COVID-19 pandemic, releasing a statement on March 26th. Read More...
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Bachelor In Paradise Australia delayed. Premiere TBA
On top of the Bachelor AU season 8 being suspended, Bachelorette USA Season 16 being on hiatus, now there is news that the shiny jewel in the crown - Bachelor In Paradise Australia is being pushed back in the schedule to dates unknown. Read More...
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How to get Episode Notifications?

How do you find out when new episodes get posted?

(And don't worry, it's just new episode notices - I hate getting heaps of notifications as much as I hate when TPTB mislead us with a season preview ambulance!)

Web Notifications

Receive web notifications in your browser when new episodes get posted. click to "allow"

If you blocked notifications, want to turn them off or on, click the "bell" icon in the bottom right hand corner and manage notifications.


Follow the hastag "#bach_archive_new" for just the new episodes as they get posted.


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New Additions

Next thing to get going is Notifications, so you can get pinged when a new episode comes out - I'll be posting them to FB and Twitter, but would people use the Web Notifications?

They're those banners you probably close off every time you go to a website - I know I do, I just imagine being hit with so many ads even Jade and Amanda would say "Ooof, that's a bit much" 😉

Obviously we wouldn't be doing that, just once when a new Episode drops. What do you think?


So… Google+ is Dead – Welcome to the Archive

Hey, welcome back to the Archive - bear with me while I get this all back up in working order. I'm 80/40 certain it'll be done soon - but cut me some slack, I'm not a real website guy, just a dummy 😉